If you’re anything like me, chances are you probably miss all the usual fuss about climate change by now. Instead we’re all caught up in the collective efforts to curb the effects of the Corona virus.

Personally I’m caught somewhere in the middle between the concern for my own wellbeing. I’m 52, overweight, I have a minor issue with my heart, high blood pressure and I’m a diabetic (type 2). On paper not the most sound investment. On the other hand, a lot of people are older and in far worse shape than me, but still… so I work those percentages, of course I do.

Naturally I worry. About something I can’t see, and have no idea how close it’s getting — chances are, pretty close.

But that’s not the real issue here.
We worry about this virus because it can’t be seen, but the effects can if we look at what’s going on in Italy right now. I particularly worry how my country will look in 4–6 weeks from now. How long will my family and I be able to stay clear of the Corona? And naturally we should be worried, this thing kills people. I can only fight this threat by sitting tight at home, and minimize our exposure. Simply ride it out, no matter how long it takes. It shouldn’t really be all that difficult…

At the same time I’m also cautiously optimistic.
Largely people are beginning to understand the severity of this, and acting responsibly. And those who are not, are being dressed down by those more responsible. I take comfort in that, and the fact that if everybody understands that if we do not mingle, the virus will burn itself out, without the collapse of our society and our healthcare system. It will have claimed the lives of many people, but most of os will still be around.

But here’s the bizarre part…
In terms of people loosing their lives, loss of wealth, industries broken, on just about every parameter there’s the other C out there that’s got the potential to knock us all out, and even when presented with the consequences on a daily basis, we can’t agree it’s important enough to act on.

And here’s where I’m more optimistic today.

If our leaders, if we can come away from this Corona with one lesson, it’s that corporation is the way forward. It’s that if I as an individual can put my own immediate and personal needs aside and act in a common interest, then we have every chance of beating the other big C as well.

My hope is that when this virus has been beaten — and yes I know there will be others down the road, but beat it we will. Then I really really want to see everybody stand together and work to overcome this much much larger threat to us all, the prospect of Climate change.

I see a future where oil business and climate grassroots, responsible political parties from left and right, black and green come together for the same goal we all share, a place we can pass on in better shape than we found it. And yes I really believe we all share that same ambition, because why not? But we need to come together, and not shun the guy on the other side of the table just because he/she is the traditional adversary. He might know something I don’t and in so have a solution to an issue I can’t solve.

So please everybody, when we all come out on the other side — alive hopefully, after this horrible situation, please put the same effort and will into solving this enormous problem, as we are witnessing now against the Corona.
I believe we can do it if enough of us are willing to say — we can and we will.




Pictures, pictures, pictures... There's no absolute truth, it's all what you choose to see! The rest of the time you close your eyes...

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Thomas Rønn

Thomas Rønn

Pictures, pictures, pictures... There's no absolute truth, it's all what you choose to see! The rest of the time you close your eyes...

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